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Exception Reporting


Resource Access
Exception Reporting FAQs RCHT Documents Library
How to Fill out an Exception Report RCHT Documents Library
Meeting With Your Clinical Supervisor RCHT Documents Library
Payment for an Exception Report Activity RCHT Documents Library
What Is an Immediate Safety Concern Regarding Exception Reports? RCHT Documents Library


Resource Access
Exception Report – Additional Hours Claim Form RCHT Documents Library


Resource Access
Exception Reporting System Login here


Local Guidelines

Resource Access
All clinical guidelines RCHT Documents Library
Key clinical guidelines RCHT Documents Library
Mobile guidelines RCHT Documents Library


Resource Access
BMJ Case Reports Login with OpenAthens
(contact the library for our Fellowship code.)
Clinical Knowledge Summaries Freely accessible
Trip Pro Access via an NHS networked PC
UpToDate Login via OpenAthens


Resource Access
BMJ STEL Login via OpenAthens
Medical Masterclass Logins available from the library
Postgraduate Centre Freely accessible

Some of these resources will require you to login with an OpenAthens account. Visit our OpenAthens page for information on how to apply for one.