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*NEW* Neuromodulation of autism spectrum disorders using vagal nerve stimulationvan Hoorn, Alje; Carpenter, Thomas; Oak, Katy; Laugharne, Richard; Howard Ring, Shankar, RohitCFT; RCHTArticle in PressContact the library
*NEW* Stopping, rationalising or optimising antipsychotic drug treatment in people with intellectual disability and/or autismShankar, Rohit; Wilcock, Mike; Oak, Katy; McGowan, Paula; Sheehan, RoryCFT; RCHTDrug and therapeutics bulletin; Jan 2019; vol. 57 (no. 1); p. 10-13OpenAthens
BMJ Journals
*NEW* Structured lifestyle education for people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and first-episode psychosis (STEPWISE): randomised controlled trialHolt, Richard I. G.; Gossage-Worrall, Rebecca; Hind, Daniel; Bradburn, Michael J.; McCrone, Paul; Morris, Tiyi; Edwardson, Charlotte; Barnard, Katharine; Carey, Marian E.; Davies, Melanie J.; Dickens, Chris M.; Doherty, Yvonne; Etherington, Angela; French, Paul; Gaughran, Fiona; Greenwood, Kathryn E.; Kalidindi, Sridevi; Khunti, Kamlesh; Laugharne, Richard; Pendlebury, JohnCFTBritish Journal of Psychiatry; Feb 2019; vol. 214 (no. 2); p. 63-73Contact the library
A comparison of suicide and undetermined deaths in Cornwall across national and local agenciesShankar, Rohit; Mascas, Alin; Laugharne, Richard; Wilkinson, Ellen; O'Muirithe, BarryCFTMedicine, science, and the law; Jan 2010; vol. 50 (no. 1); p. 19-21Contact the library
A difficult combination: chronic physical illness, depression, and painCocksedge, Karen Amanda; Simon, Chantal; Shankar, RohitCFTThe British journal of general practice : the journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners; Sep 2014; vol. 64 (no. 626); p. 440-441Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Abnormal cortical asymmetry as a target for neuromodulation in neuropsychiatric disorders: A narrative review and concept proposalBeck, Randy W; Laugharne, Jonathan; Laugharne, Richard; Woldman, Wessel; McLean, Brendan; Mastropasqua, Chiara; Jorge, Ricardo; Shankar, RohitCFT; RCHTNeuroscience and biobehavioral reviews; Dec 2017; vol. 83 ; p. 21-31Contact the library
An evidenced-based strategy for timely delivery of clinical lettersCorson, Eve; Hargreaves, Claire; Grimshaw, Sarah; Wiggans, Joanna; Mitchell, Sarah; Toon, Ruth; Palmer, Claire; Cox, David; Pretorius, Charlotte; Wilkinson, Ellen; Laugharne, Richard; Shankar, RohitCFT; RCHTProgress in Neurology & Psychiatry; Mar 2017; vol. 21 (no. 1); p. 11-14OpenAthens
Attitudes toward psychiatry among final-year medical students in Kumasi, GhanaLaugharne, Richard; Appiah-Poku, John; Laugharne, Jon; Shankar, RohitCFTAcademic psychiatry : the journal of the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training and the Association for Academic Psychiatry; 2009; vol. 33 (no. 1); p. 71-75Free Medical
Awareness, attitudes, skills and training needs of psychiatrists working with adults with intellectual disability in managing epilepsyLines, Geraldine; Henley, William; Winterhalder, Robert; Shankar, RohitCFTSeizure; Dec 2018; vol. 63 ; p. 105-112OpenAthens
Body mass index, physical activity and quality of life of ovarian cancer survivors: time to get moving?Smits, Anke; Smits, Eline; Lopes, Alberto; Das, Nagindra; Hughes, Geoffrey; Talaat, Ahmed; Pollard, Adam; Bouwman, Frederique; Massuger, Leon; Bekkers, Ruud; Galaal, KhadraRCHTGynecologic oncology; Oct 2015; vol. 139 (no. 1); p. 148-154OpenAthens
Case report: vagal nerve stimulation and late onset asystoleShankar, Rohit; Olotu, Victor Oluwaseyi; Cole, Nicholas; Sullivan, Heather; Jory, CarynCFT; RCHTSeizure; May 2013; vol. 22 (no. 4); p. 312-314OpenAthens
Challenges and pitfalls of antipsychotic prescribing in people with learning disabilityAlexander, Regi T; Shankar, Rohit; Cooper, Sally A; Bhaumik, Sabyasachi; Hastings, Richard; Kapugama, Chaya L; Tromans, Samuel J; Roy, AshokCFTThe British journal of general practice : the journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners; Aug 2017; vol. 67 (no. 661); p. 372-373
Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Chromosomal microarray testing in adults with intellectual disability presenting with comorbid psychiatric disordersWolfe, Kate; Strydom, André; Morrogh, Deborah; Carter, Jennifer; Cutajar, Peter; Eyeoyibo, Mo; Hassiotis, Angela; McCarthy, Jane; Mukherjee, Raja; Paschos, Dimitrios; Perumal, Nagarajan; Read, Stephen; Shankar, Rohit; Sharif, Saif; Thirulokachandran, Suchithra; Thygesen, Johan H; Patch, Christine; Ogilvie, Caroline; Flinter, Frances; McQuillin, Andrew; Bass, NickCFTEuropean journal of human genetics : EJHG; Jan 2016; vol. 25 (no. 1); p. 66-72Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Decreasing the risk of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: structured communication of risk factors for premature mortality in people with epilepsyShankar R; Henley W; Boland C; Laugharne R; McLean BN; Newman C; Hanna J; Ashby S; Walker MC; Sander JW
CFT; RCHTEuropean journal of neurology; 2018; vol. 25 (no. 9); p. 1121-1127OpenAthens
Desperately seeking outcomes: quantifying the effectiveness of community mental healthcare using Health of the Nation Outcome ScalesLaugharne R; Eaves S; Mascas A; Psatha K; Dinnis G; Trower J; Shankar RCFTBJPsych Open; May 2018; 4(3):91-94Open Access
BJPsych Open
Developing a local antimicrobial resistance action plan: the Cornwall One Health Antimicrobial Resistance GroupPowell, Neil; Davidson, Iain; Yelling, Phillip; Collinson, Andrew; Pollard, Adam; Johnson, Lisa; Gibson, Nick; Taylor, Jennifer; Wisner, Kathryn; Gaze, William; South, Janice; Ashiru-Oredope, DianeCFT; RCHT; KCCGThe Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy; Sep 2017; vol. 72 (no. 9); p. 2661-2665Highwire - Free Full Text
Developing an Evidence-Based Epilepsy Risk Assessment eHealth Solution: From Concept to MarketNewman, Craig; Shankar, Rohit; Hanna, Jane; McLean, Brendan; Osland, Alex; Milligan, Cathryn; Ball, Abbie; Jory, Caryn; Walker, MatthewCFTJMIR research protocols; Jun 2016; vol. 5 (no. 2); p. e82PubMed Central - Open Access
Digital Care in Epilepsy: A Conceptual Framework for Technological TherapiesPage, Rupert; >strong>Shankar, Rohit; McLean, Brendan N; Hanna, Jane; Newman, CraigCFT; RCHTFrontiers in neurology; 2018; vol. 9 ; p. 99Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Discharging inpatients with intellectual disability from secure to community services: risk assessment and management considerationsVerity, Chester; Brown, Anthony Scott; Devapriam, John; Axby, Sharon; Hargreaves, Claire; Shankar RohitCFT; RCHTAdvances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities; 2017; vol. 11 (no. 3); p. 98-109ProQuest (Hospital Premium Collection)
Does formal assessment of comprehension by SLT agree with teachers’ perceptions of functional comprehension skills in the classroom?Purse, Katie; Gardner, HilaryCFTChild Language Teaching & Therapy; Oct 2013; vol. 29 (no. 3); p. 343-357OpenAthens
EBSCO (CINAHL Plus with Full Text)
Epilepsy awareness and emergency rescue training: Ignorance is bliss!Shankar, Rohit; Jory, Caryn; McLean, Brendan; Tittensor, Phil; Walker, MatthewCFT; RCHTEpilepsy & behavior : E&B; May 2017; vol. 70 ; p. 212-216OpenAthens
Eslicarbazepine acetate as a replacement for levetiracetam in people with epilepsy developing behavioral adverse eventsJalihal, Virupakshi; Shankar, Rohit; Henley, William; Parrett, Mary; Tittensor, Phil; McLean, Brendan N; Ahmed, Ammad; Sander, Josemir WCFT; RCHTEpilepsy & behavior : E&B; Mar 2018; vol. 80 ; p. 365-369OpenAthens
Frequency and factors associated with emergency department attendance for people with epilepsy in a rural UK populationAllard J.; Shankar R.; Laugharne R.; McLean B.; Jadav M.; Parrett M.; Henley W.; Brown A.; Noble A.J.; Ridsdale L.CFT; RCHTEpilepsy and Behavior; Mar 2017; vol. 68 ; p. 192-195OpenAthens
Getting a balance between generalisation and specialisation in mental health services: a defence of general servicesLaugharne, Richard; Thompson, Matthew; Srivastava, Alind; Marlow, Simon; Shankar, RohitCFTBJPsych bulletin; Dec 2018; vol. 42 (no. 6); p. 229-232Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Going down the tubes! Impact on seizure control of antiepileptic medication given via percutaneous feeding tubesJory, Caryn; Shankar, Rohit; Oak, Katy; Oates, Janina; Wilcock, MikeCFT; RCHTEpilepsy & behavior : E&B; Sep 2017; vol. 74 ; p. 114-118OpenAthens
Has the Time Come to Stratify and Score SUDEP Risk to Inform People With Epilepsy of Their Changes in Safety?Shankar, Rohit; Newman, Craig; Gales, Alistair; McLean, Brendan N; Hanna, Jane; Ashby, Samantha; Walker, Matthew C; Sander, Josemir WCFT; RCHTFrontiers in neurology; 2018; vol. 9 ; p. 281Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Hepatitis E virus infection and acute non-traumatic neurological injury: A prospective multicentre studyDalton, Harry R; van Eijk, Jeroen J J; Cintas, Pascal; Madden, Richie G; Jones, Catherine; Webb, Glynn W; Norton, Benjamin; Pique, Julie; Lutgens, Suzanne; Devooght-Johnson, Nikki; Woolson, Kathy; Baker, John; Saunders, Maria; Househam, Liz; Griffiths, James; Abravanel, Florence; Izopet, Jacques; Kamar, Nassim; van Alfen, Nens; van Engelen, Baziel G M; Hunter, Jeremy G; van der Eijk, Annemiek A; Bendall, Richard P; Mclean, Brendan N; Jacobs, Bart CRCHTJournal of hepatology; Nov 2017; vol. 67 (no. 5); p. 925-932OpenAthens
Identifying and mitigating Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) risk factorsWatkins, Lance; Shankar, Rohit; Sander, Josemir WCFTExpert review of neurotherapeutics; Apr 2018; vol. 18 (no. 4); p. 265-274Contact the library
Improving knowledge of psychotropic prescribing in people with Intellectual Disability in primary careShankar, Rohit; Wilcock, MikeCFT; RCHTPloS one; 2018; vol. 13 (no. 9); p. e0204178Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Jaundice, abdominal pain, and fever in a young womanNorman, Storm D; Murray, Iain A; Shetty, Dushyant; Bendall, Richard P; Dalton, Harry RRCHTLancet (London, England); Oct 2017; vol. 390 (no. 10103); p. 1713-1714OpenAthens
Keeping patients with epilepsy safe: a surmountable challenge?Shankar, Rohit; Newman, Craig; Hanna, Jane; Ashton, Juliet; Jory, Caryn; McLean, Brendan; Anderson, Tamsyn; Walker, Matthew; Cox, David; Ewins, LizCFTBMJ quality improvement reports; 2015; vol. 4 (no. 1)Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Management of epilepsy in adults with intellectual disabilityShankar, Rohit; Eyeoyibo, MogbeyiterenCFTRoyal College of PsychiatristsRoyal College of Psychiatrists
Mental health professionals and media professionals: a survey of attitudes towards one anotherChapman, Beth; Shankar, Rohit; Palmer, Joanne; Laugharne, RichardCFT; RCHTJournal of Mental Health; Oct 2017; vol. 26 (no. 5); p. 464-470Contac the library
Optimising self-care support for people with heart failure and their caregivers: development of the Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure (REACH-HF) intervention using intervention mappingGreaves, Colin J; Wingham, Jennifer; Deighan, Carolyn; Doherty, Patrick; Elliott, Jennifer; Armitage, Wendy; Clark, Michelle; Austin, Jackie; Abraham, Charles; Frost, Julia; Singh, Sally; Jolly, Kate; Paul, Kevin; Taylor, Louise; Buckingham, Sarah; Davis, Russell; Dalal, Hasnain; Taylor, Rod S; REACH-HF investigatorsRCHTPilot and feasibility studies; 2016; vol. 2 ; p. 37Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Perampanel in routine clinical use across Europe: Pooled, multicenter, observational dataRohracher, Alexandra; Zimmermann, Georg; Villanueva, Vicente; Garamendi, Iñigo; Sander, Josemir W; Shankar, R et al.CFTEpilepsia; Sep 2018; vol. 59 (no. 9); p. 1727-1739OpenAthens
Perampanel in the general population and in people with intellectual disability: Differing responsesShankar, Rohit; Henley, William; Wehner, Tim; Wiggans, Carys; McLean, Brendan; Pace, Adrian; Mohan, Monica; Sadler, Martin; Doran, Zoe; Hudson, Sharon; Allard, Jon; Sander, Josemir WCFT; RCHTSeizure; Jul 2017; vol. 49 ; p. 30-35OpenAthens
Prescribing anti-epileptic drugs for people with epilepsy and intellectual disabilityShankar, Rohit; Watkins, Lance; Alexander, Regi; Devapriam, John;
Dolman, Jennifer; Hari, Anjana; Laugharne, Richard; McLean, Brendan; Ring, Howard; Roy, Ashok; Sander, Josemir W; Scheepers, Mark; Tharian, Reena; Tittensor, Phil; Walker, Matthew; Winterhalder, Robert
CFT; RCHTRoyal College of PsychiatristsRoyal College of Psychiatrists
Pseudocataplexy and transient functional paralysis: a spectrum of psychogenic motor disorderShankar, Rohit; Jalihal, Virupakshi; Walker, Matthew; Zeman, AdamCFTThe journal of neuropsychiatry and clinical neurosciences; 2010; vol. 22 (no. 4); p. 445-450OpenAthens
ProQuest (Hospital Premium Collection)
Reducing the Risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)Watkins L; Shankar RCFT Current treatment options in neurology; Aug 2018; vol. 20 (no. 10); p. 40Contact the library
Retention of perampanel in adults with pharmacoresistant epilepsy at a single tertiary care centerWehner, Tim; Mannan, Shahidul; Turaga, Sanchit; Vallabhaneni, Kirtana; Yip, Hao Meng; Wiggans, Carys; Shankar, Rohit; Duncan, John S; Sander, Josemir WCFTEpilepsy & behavior : E&B; Aug 2017; vol. 73 ; p. 106-110OpenAthens
Steps to prevent SUDEP: the validity of risk factors in the SUDEP and seizure safety checklist: a case control studyShankar, Rohit; Walker, Matthew; McLean, Brendan; Laugharne, Richard; Ferrand, Fucundo; Hanna, Jane; Newman, CraigCFT; RCHTJournal of neurology; Sep 2016; vol. 263 (no. 9); p. 1840-1846OpenAthens
ProQuest (Hospital Premium Collection)
Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP): development of a safety checklistShankar, Rohit; Cox, David; Jalihal, Virupakshi; Brown, Scott; Hanna, Jane; McLean, BrendanCFT; RCHTSeizure; Dec 2013; vol. 22 (no. 10); p. 812-817OpenAthens
Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP): what every neurologist should knowShankar, Rohit; Donner, Elizabeth J; McLean, Brendan; Nashef, Lina; Tomson, TorbjörnCFT; RCHTEpileptic disorders : international epilepsy journal with videotape; Mar 2017; vol. 19 (no. 1); p. 1-9OpenAthens
Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy in children: a focused review of incidence and risk factorsSaxena, Anurag; Jones, Lliwen; Shankar, Rohit; McLean, Brendan; Newman, Craig G J; Hamandi, KhalidCFT; RCHTJournal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry; Oct 2018; vol. 89 (no. 10); p. 1064-1070OpenAthens
BMJ Journals
SUDEP – Measures to reduce riskMclean, Brendan; Shankar, Rohit; Hanna, Jane; Jory, Caryn; Newman, CraigCFT; RCHTPractical Neurology (BMJ Publishing Group); Jan 2017; vol. 17 (no. 1); p. 13-20OpenAthens
BMJ Journals
SUDEP and seizure safety communication: Assessing if people hear and actYoung, Charlotte; Shankar, Rohit; Henley, William; Rose, Adam; Cheatle, Katie; Sander, Josemir WCFTEpilepsy & behavior : E&B; Sep 2018; vol. 86 ; p. 200-203OpenAthens
The neurology–psychiatry interface in epilepsyMurphy, Valerie; Hallahan, Brian; O’ Connell, Henry; Wright, Brenda; Kelly, Brendan D; Gulati, Gautam; Shankar, RohitCFTArticle in PressContact the library
The provision of care to adults with an intellectual disability in the UK. A Special report from the intellectual disability UK chapter ILAEKerr, M P; Watkins, L V; Angus-Leppan, H; Corp, A; Goodwin, M; Hanson, C; Roy, A; Shankar, R; British Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) Working Group on services for adults with intellectual disability and epilepsyCFTSeizure; Mar 2018; vol. 56 ; p. 41-46OpenAthens
The use of psychotropic medication for people with intellectual disabilities and behaviours that challenge in the context of a community multidisciplinary team approachNiven, Abigail; Goodey, Rebecca; Webb, Alison; Shankar, RohitCFTBritish Journal of Learning Disabilities; Mar 2018; vol. 46 (no. 1); p. 4-9
Trial of intraoperative cell salvage versus transfusion in ovarian cancer (TIC TOC): protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility studyGalaal, Khadra; Lopes, Alberto; Pritchard, Colin; Barton, Andrew; Wingham, Jennifer; Marques, Elsa M R; Faulds, John; Palmer, Joanne; Vickery, Patricia Jane; Ralph, Catherine; Ferreira, Nicole; Ewings, PaulRCHTBMJ open; Nov 2018; vol. 8 (no. 11); p. e024108Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Under representation of people with epilepsy and intellectual disability in researchShankar, Rohit; Rowe, Charles; Van Hoorn, Alje; Henley, William; Laugharne, Richard; Cox, David; Pande, Raj; Roy, Ashok; Sander, Josemir WCFTPloS one; 2018; vol. 13 (no. 6); p. e0198261Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Valproate and the Pregnancy Prevention Programme- exceptional circumstancesWatkins, L; Cock, HR; Angus-Leppan, H; Shankar, RCFTArticle in PressContact the library
Valproate, women, and exceptional circumstancesAngus-Leppan, Heather; Shankar, Rohit; Cock, HannahCFTBMJ : British Medical Journal (Online); Aug 2018; vol. 362BMJ: British Medical Journal (Online)
What happens when 55% of acute psychiatric beds are closed in six days: an unexpected naturalistic observational studyLaugharne R.; Branch M.; Mitchell A.; Parkin L.; Confue P.; Shankar R.; Wilson-James D.; Marshall M.; Edgecombe M.; Keaney B.; Gill K.; Harrison J.CFTJRSM Open; Sep 2016; vol. 7 (no. 10)Europe PubMed Central - Open Access
Women's experiences of managing digitation: do we ask enough in primary care?Eustice, Sharon; Endacott, Ruth; Morris, Jenny; Shankar, Rohit; Kent, BridieCFTJRSM open; Aug 2018; vol. 9 (no. 8); p. 2054270418783616Europe PubMed Central - Open Access