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Renew a book

books-11How do I renew my library books?

  • You may make up to 4 book renewals online, by telephone, e-mail or in person.
  • We will need to see any book that needs to be renewed further.
  • Books that have been reserved may not be renewed.

A book’s due date should be indicated inside the book on the date stamp label.
You can also log into the catalogue with your library card number at to renew your library books.

You will receive an e-mail to the e-mail account on your library record 3 days prior to the return date of each item you have.

You will also receive notification by e-mail the day after the due date notifying you than your item will need renewing.

Self renewal

Items may be renewed online via the catalogue. You will need to login with your library card number e.g. U00XXXXX.

Follow the instructions How to self renew.

Check the new return date. If your item has not renewed then contact the library

books-21-largeReturning books

Returned books can be handed to the library staff. If returned by post please address the package clearly and remember that you are liable if anything goes missing. For returning books out of hours please ask the library staff for guidance.

Books reserved for other users must be returned on the due date.

Reserving a book

Books already on loan can be reserved for your use. Contact the library with the book details or use the online Reserve a book form.