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What is it? KnowledgeShare is our targeted current awareness service. Whenever we find high impact documents in your area, we’ll let you know.

Why use it? We give you the latest high-level evidence in your field.

How does it work? Your KnowledgeShare profile is created to be as broad or as specific as you need. For example, you could receive everything published on obstetrics or limit to receive items related to gestational diabetes.

An NHS OpenAthens account will help you to make the most of this service, enabling direct access to full text documents where available.  You can register at:

Alternatively, request direct from our Document Supply Service on the Library homepage

We will also contact you occasionally by email to:

  • Send you information about the LKS and new publications in health and social care
  • Notify you if you are invited to join a community of practice
  • Recommend colleagues to you who share your professional interests

You may change your settings at any time at (using your NHS OpenAthens account). *Membership to KnowledgeShare is restricted to staff and students eligible for an NHS OpenAthens account.

KnowledgeShare application

Application form for Knowledge Share

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Privacy Notice and Membership Declaration

Using your personal informationWe are committed to safeguarding your information.  The information you supply will be used to contact you about services or resources you have requested from the Library and Knowledge Service (LKS). 

Sharing your personal informationWe will share your information with the organisations that supply and manage our library management systems. We may share your information with another LKS team if you move organisations (you will receive an email notification if this happens).  

Accessing your personal information You may log in to KnowledgeShare at (using your NHS OpenAthens account) to see the data we hold about you. You can request changes by emailing  

Deleting your personal information We will delete the data we hold on you after a maximum 5-year period of inactivity (in case you return to use NHS library and knowledge services again within this time).  

Further information For further information on how your information is used, how we maintain its security, and your rights to access it, read the full KnowledgeShare privacy policy online at  

Your declaration I apply for membership of the Library and Knowledge Service and agree to abide by the LKS terms and conditions. I have read the privacy notice and understand that my data will be used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018) in library systems used to deliver knowledge and library services to the NHS.

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